Daily Report 16.10.2018

16th oct. 2018

Dear parents,
Autumn is a season of abundance and Class Butterflies discovered some new more autumn goodies today. We began the Morning Circle with reiterating autumn veggies and fruits, what pieces of clothing should we wear on this time of the year, how can we stay healthy. Then, we reminded one more time the Autumn months and the days of the week. We painted quinces using yellow, brown, golden and the red-brick colour. The kids did great job, painting beautiful artworks. At Maths, we learnt concepts like “first”, “last”, “the second”, “the third” and reviewed the spatial concepts learnt yesterday such as “on”, “above”, “under”, “in front of”. We went outside and enjoyed playing.

The Smarties listened to “The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room” story and talked about how we should keep our room clean and how we should clean-up after we play or read.Then, we reinforced the themed words learnt yesterday and identified bathroom items. The children practiced tracing letter “a” on a themed worksheet and then coloured the given picture. In Math class, we counted furniture items found in the classroom and reinforced shapes. The children had a lot of fun playing with construction games and of course, we went outside where we enjoyed the weather.
On this lovely and warm day, team Baby Bees started with Morning Circle, where we talked about the theme of this week. Also, we listened and sang the “Autumn leaves are changing colours” and “The four seasons” songs. In Math class, we traced numbers from 1 to 6 on wipe-clean cards. After that, we made some beautiful artworks, using glue stick and coloured leaves made out of paper. Of course, we played with bricks and other toys and then went outside to play with our friends.  
During Dance Club, the children rehearsed the moves for the “Mayores” song and then learnt the moves for the other part of the same song. Also, they introduced the coreography for the “Dan Balan- Numa Numa” song. 
These are the photos of today! Please enjoy!

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