Daily Report 15.10.2018

15th oct. 2018

The Smarties started the week with a little gym session, to stretch our body and to relax our brain. Then, we continued with introducing the theme of the week “Furniture”. We discovered themed words and improved our vocabulary, reading a book called ” My Home”. The children saw images with furniture and they had to recognize the items. In Math class, the children reinforced shapes and numbers and they counted up to 20. After that, we had some “sponge fun”. We used autumn colours and with the help of different shaped sponges, we painted funny shapes. Of course, we tried to make the best of this beautiful and sunny autumn day, so we went outside where we played and had fun.
Class Butterflies began this week with Circle Time, where we learnt the months of Autumn and read autumn poems. Then, we traced autumn flowers unifying the dots. At Maths, the kids had to recognize shapes and then colour them in a specific colour. We also reiterated spatial concepts like on, above, under, in front of. The rest of the day, we discovered and played different games. We went outside and spent this Monday in a peaceful way.  
Today, team Baby Bees started with Morning Circle, where we talked about the theme of this week “Brown- Mixing colours”. Also, we talked about weather and the changes we observe. Then, we listened  to the “Little Red Riding Hood” story and talked about it. We had fun playing with toys and puzzles and enjoyed this lovely day.

During “Good Manners” class, the children learnt about greetings: how and when to use them. Also, they reinforced “The Three Magic Words” : “Thank you!”, “Please!”, “You’re welcome!”.
At the Acting Club, the kids played the “Pic- Poc” game, an interactive and challenging game, good for their attention and coordination. They also played “The Ball” game, with different tasks to be completed.

This is how we started this week! Please enjoy the photos!

Have a wonderful week, everybody!

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