Daily Report 28.11.2018

28th nov. 2018
Today, team Baby Bees started with the Morning Circle, where we watched a short movie named „Winnie the Pooh- Shapes & Sizes” and talked about it. We improved our vocabulary with new words like: triangle, square, rectangle, circle. Then, we rehearsed our little poems and songs for the Christmas Show. We danced and then played with construction games, dolls and cars.
Today, the Smarties spent their time rehearsing for the Christmas Show. We started with the poems and then, with the help of miss Mihaela, we sang the songs learnt so far. The children had fun solving puzzles and enjoyed drawing and playing different construction games.
On this snowy day, the Butterflies began the day with Circle Time, where we found out more about the moose, the orca, the polar hare, the polar fox and the polar bear. Next, we rehearsed the songs and the poems for the Christmas Show. At Maths, we reinforced shapes and traced them, unifying the dots. Also, the kids practiced tracing number 4 on a themed worksheet. Then, they matched the right type of weather to its symbols.
At the Sport Club, the kids started with the warm-up. After taht, they practiced some karate kicks and moves. Also, for their speed and coordination, they practiced jumping on a chair, without any help. They did a great job! 🙂
This is how we spent this snowy day! Please take a look at the photos!

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