Daily Report 27.11.2018

27th nov. 2018
The Butterflies started the day with the usual morning meeting, where we talked about polar animals and their living climate. We spent all day rehearsing for this Christmas’ Show, singing the songs, repeating the playroles and improving our inflexion voice. Then,the kids played with classroom toys and had fun playing together.
The Smarties listened to „The Little Mermaid” story and tried to retell it. They improved their vocabulary with new words and tried to identify the sounds. The children found the opposites of some given words, solving an „Opposites” puzzle. In Math class, the kids matched the number with the right quantity, using wooden number cards. We rehearsed the poems and the songs for the Christmas show and then, the children had fun playing freely in the classroom.
Today, team Baby Bees continued to talk about the theme of the  week. Then, we rehearsed our little poems and songs, preparing for the Christmas Show. After that, we pretended to be a farm animal or a pet and danced and played all day long. We had a busy but beautiful day.
At the Dance Club, the kids had a small competition where they had to name and then to show each move from the dances : „Numa Numa”, „Mayores” and „Ego”.
Please enjoy today’s photos!

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