Daily Report 26.11.2018

26th nov. 2018
The Smarties started this week with the Morning Circle. We reinforced weather signs and seasons. After that, we reviewed all the sounds learnt so far. The children recognized them and named objects beginning with each sound. In Math class, the children solved amth puzzles and practiced counting up to 20. The kids talked about winter and then drew a winter landscape.  They enjoyed a lot listening to music and rehearsing for the Christmas Show.
The Butterflies started a new fresh week, beginning with the Morning Circle. We identified what day is today, how’s the weather like and its outside changes. Then, we introduced this week’s theme: Polar Animals. We talked about the Polar Regions and how arctic animals could adapt and survive in those cold places. We learnt polar animals like seal, polar fox, walrus, polar bear, polar fox. Because the Butterflies love books, we read the „Little’s Penguin, Big Adventure” story, a story about the adventures of an adorable penguin. Next, the kids coloured winter eskimo clothes and played with lego games. Of course, we rehearsed for the upcoming Christmas Show!
On this rainy Monday, team Baby Bees started with Morning Circle, where we talked about the theme of this week „Grandparents, uncle and aunt” . We improved our vocabulary with new words like: grandmother, grandfather, uncle and aunt.  Then, we rehearsed our little poems and song for the Christmas Show. At Math class, we counted up to ten and then sorted different construction toys by colour and size. We sang, danced and played different indoor games and we loved spending the day together.
At the Good Manners class, the children learnt how to behave and talk at the kindergarten or at school.
During the Acting Club, the children did a breathing exercise and played a creativity game, using different objects. 
These are today’s photos! Please enjoy!

Have a great week everybody!

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