Daily Report 23.11.2018

23rd nov. 2018

Dear parents,

This cloudy Friday wasn’t that gloomy as the weather seems, even if we spent it indoor. We began the day with Morning Circle where we continued to talk about our family. Then, we listened ” Rusty’s Train Ride” and talked about different types of trains. We sang, danced and played a lot with construction toys, pastas and other toys. It was such a good day for Team Baby Bees.

In the first part of the day, children from class Butterflies rehearsed for this year Christmas Show, learning the poems and the play-script. After putting all our energy into the rehearsals, kids continued their unfinished worksheet. Then, they could play with their favourite toys or could discover books. After, we danced and spent a good time together.

The Smarties reinforced letter „N” and practiced writing it on the whiteboard. We also remembered words containing „n” sound and discovered new ones. The children had a small puzzle competition and both teams did a great job and won. After that, we sang the Christmas songs for the most waited show of the year and repeated the poems. The kids enjoyed listening to modern music and had fun dancing and jumping.

Take a look at today’s photos! Have a great weekend everyone!



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