Daily Report 22.11.2018

22nd nov. 2018
The Butterflies began the day with Circle Time, where we identified what day is today, what day was yesterday and what day will be tomorrow. This way, we made a review over the days of the week. Then, we talked about the month of November and its moody weather, finding what clothes are suitable to wear. Next, each kid had to solve a themed winter worksheet, where they had to unify the numbers in an ascending order. Then, the kids played with lego games, memorizing games and other more.

Today, team Baby Bees started the day with Morning Circle where we talked about our family, especially about mother and father. Also, we sang the „Baby Shark” and „Hokey Pokey” songs. Then, using a themed worksheet, we helped the baby animals to find the way to their parents. We played with different construction toys, we reinforced colours, shapes and sizes. We had a quiet and beautiful day.
The Smarties spent this cold and windy day inside, rehearsing for the Christmas Show. WE sang the songs and learnt the poems. After that, the children played with alphabet puzzles, recognizing letters and solving the puzzles. Of course, the kids played other table-top games and enjoyed listening to music.
At the Art club, the children used the straw blow technique to paint a beautiful image of a lady holding an umbrella on a rainy day. The paintings look awesome!
During the Experiment club, the kids did some interesting and spectacular experiments. First, they used some coins to make them float, on a piece of aluminum foil. Then, they learnt how to make „Elephant toothpaste”, using yeast, hydrogen peroxide, paint and water. The children were impressed by the reaction.
This is how we spent our day! Please enjoy the photos!

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