Daily Report 21.11.2018

21st nov. 2018
The Butterflies spent a cosy Wednesday together. We began the day painting raindrops and grey grumpy clouds. The kids used cotton wool, gluesticks and painting colours. We talked more about the weather and discovered how snow and icicles are formed. We practiced Maths, counting and matching quantity puzzles to the right numbers. The children played „The Twister Domino” game, where everyone had fun. We listened and sang the songs „Five Little Snowflakes” and „Nice Little Penguins – I am Flying”. All in one, it was a busy day full of new discoverings.
The Smarties started the day with the Morning Circle. We reinforced the seasons and the days of the week. We talked about the weather outside and what clothes should we wear. After that, we continued with the rehearsals for the Christmas Show. The children solved math puzzles and practiced counting up to 20. They enjoyed a free drawing session and listening to music. The kids also had lots of fun playing together with their colleagues from Butterflies.
The children from Baby Bees spent this rainy Wednesday doing what they know best: playing and laughing. They sorted farm animals and had fun playing with them. The kids solved puzzles and played with lots of table top games.
Please enjoy today’s photos!

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