Daily Report 20.11.2018

20th nov. 2018

Dear parents,

The Baby Bees spent a lovely day playing and having fun. We started the day with morning routine and then continued with our everyday hardwork. We played a lot, sorting the toys at the same time. We painted, reinforcing the colours and loved getting dirty. The children had fun playing and jumping in the classroom.
The Smarties started the day singing and introducing the poems for the Christmas Show. After that, we counted up to 20 and did addition exercises. The children enjoyed the MAth class and also playing with numbers. They listened to music and had fun playing table top games.
It’s cold outside and we have to be more careful about what clothes we wear. Today, Class Butterflies talked about winter clothes, learning themed words like mittens, scarf, gloves, cap, boots, winter jacket, earmuffs, stockings. Then, we cut little mittens, the kids continuing to improve their cutting skills. We drew winter coloured caps and traced numbers and letters on wipe-clean books. At Maths, we solved puzzle games and counted up to 15. We watched a little part of the movie „Happy Feet” and continued our rehearsals for the Christmas Show.
At the Dance Club, the children rehearsed the following dances: „Mayores”, „Ego” and „Numa Numa”. They also continued the Bachata dance, this time on the „Last Christmas” tune – bachata version.
These are the photos of today! Please enjoy!

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