Daily Report 19.11.2018

19th nov. 2018
The Smarties reinforced the seasons, the autumn months and the days of the week. We talked about the weather outside and the kids observed it. We introduced the sound of the week „n”  and read to its story. The children discovered words containing „n” sound and then traced the letter on a special worksheet. After that, they coloured the picture and listened to the Jolly Phonics „N” song. The children played with construction games and also enjoyed solving puzzles.
It’s beginning to look a lot like… winter! Class Butterflies began this snowy day with Circle Time, where we talked about winter and its early signs. We learnt Winter’s Months and talked about the weather by reading „Winnie The Pooh – A Snowy Day” story. As a start-up for the week, we began the rehearsals for this Christmas Show, the kids being very enthusiastic about it! 🙂
The children from Baby Bees started the day playing freely in the classroom. We continued our activities with counting different objects and sorting them by colour and size. We solved puzzles and played other table top games. We enjoyed playing together and spent a lovely time indoor.
During the Acting Club, the children introduced „Pacalici and his friends” play. 
At the Good Manners Club, the kids learnt how they should behave on the street and also how they should cross the street. 
Please enjoy today’s photos!
Have a great week everybody!

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