Daily Report 16.11.2018

16th nov. 2018

Dear parents,

Team Baby Bees began the day full of energy and laughters. As Math lovers, we spent this Friday playing math games, matching the quantity with the numbers. We reiterated all the animals learnt and continued to improve our „dressing techniques”, by zipping and unzipping all day long! 🙂 We danced, played football inside the classroom and had fun along with our colleagues.

The Butterflies began the day with some spelling games, recognizing the letters written on the blackboard. Together with our friends from Smarties, we read the „Cool Guys” story. We learnt that „cool” is not equal to rude or ill-mannered. Then, we made a review over all of the words learnt this week. Being Friday, the children chose their favourite activity: drawing, colouring, solving puzzles or playing other games.
The Smarties started the day with the morning routine. We reinforced all the vocabulary words of the week and recognized landforms on a themed picture. Then, we counted the landforms. The children traced and wrote letters and then coloured the pictures. We sang once again the song „Jack and Jill went up the hill” and listened to more beautiful songs. The children had lots of fun playing indoor and enjoyed the time spent together in the classroom.
Take a look at today’s photos:
Have a warm weekend everybody!

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