Daily Report 15.11.2018

15th nov. 2018
Today, the Smarties watched a short documentary and discussed more about the subject of the week. We learnt more about volcanoes and other landforms and then completeed a special worksheet with the right drawing for each given word. The children watched the „Peppa Pig- Snowy Mountain” episode and then sang themed songs. They also enjoyed playing table top games and colouring.
In the morning, the Butterflies began the day with crafting little houses for which we had used plastic glasses, coloured crayons and gluestick. We talked about how a house is built, what materials you could possibly use. It was the perfect gloomy day for reading a story, that’s why we decided to read „Hansel and Gretel”. We got the chance to read just two chapters of it and we are going to finish it with the next occasion. We listened and sang „My House” song, this way reiterating the parts of the house, the rooms and the materials used. In the rest of the free time left, the kids played together, either with sand or other toys.
Team Baby Bees started this day with Morning Circle where we introduced ” Noddy and his friends”. The kids had to discover different shapes, numbers, objects and colours. Then, we observed the difference between ” big and small ” and ” same and different”, playing with a lot of balls. After that, we learnt how to zip and unzip clothes. We sang the „Hokey Pokey” and „Baby Shark” songs, we danced and played with different toys and enjoyed the time spent in our classroom.
At the Art Club, the children learnt the mixt technique. They used crayons and special stamps to draw beautiful chrysanthemum. 
During the Experiment Club, the kids prepared coloured dough and then transformed it into a medallion, decorating it with corn and bean. After they dry, you need to bake them for 40 minutes.  
These are the photos of today! Please enjoy!

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