Daily Report 14.11.2018

14th nov. 2018
Today, Class Butterflies began the day playing with their friends from Smarties. Then, they coloured a themed worksheet with the members of the family. We reinforced home furniture and objects inside the house and talked about different types of houses. We practiced more the alphabet by solving alphabet puzzles and found vocabulary words starting with the given letter.
The children from Smarties reinforced the landforms and identified them on special pictures. Then, we drew some of them on the whiteboard and discussed more about each one of it. After that, the children coloured a picture representing different landforms. We listened and then sang the „Jack and Jill went up the hill” song. The kids had lots of fun playing table top games and enjoyed listening to music.
Team Baby Bees started the day with the Morning Circle, where we talked about animal families. Then, on a themed worksheet, we had to match animals with their shadow. Also, we listened to the „Woolly Stops the Train” story and talked about it. We draw freely with chalk on the blackboard, played different indoor games and enjoyed the time spent together.
Take a look at today’s photos! Enjoy!

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