Daily Report 13.11.2018

14th nov. 2018
The Butterflies continued to talk about their families and homes. At Circle Time, the little ones described their mother and father, talking about their hobbies, their occupations and also about the activities they are spending together like cooking, riding the bike, reading, shopping, travelling and so on. We reviewed the family members and learnt some new ones like godmother, godfather, goddaughter, uncle, aunt, son, niece, nephew, husband, wife, siblings. Then, we read „A New Baby” story from Topsy and Tim, a story about the arrival of a new baby in the family. Next, we crafted „The Family Bracelet”, the kids cutting hearts following the outlines and practicing more holding the scissors. At Maths, we counted up to 20 and then the children played together.
Team Baby Bees started this day full of energy and ready to work. We sang a new song named ” Yes I can”,  using different movements for each animal which appeared in the song. Then, we talked about animal families: dog- puppy, cat- kitten, duck- duckling, pig- piglet etc. Also, we remembered where they live, what food they eat and what sound they make. In Math class, we counted different objects up to 5 and we sorted them by colour and size. We played a lot with different toys and we enjoyed the time spent together.
Today, the Smarties talked about landforms. We introduced new themed vocabulary words, such as: island, mountain, hill, canyon, ocean, waterfall etc. We discussed about each one of these landforms and then identified them on special pictures. In Math class, the children compared different objects by size. Also, we played and had fun with indoor activities.
At the Dance Club, the children learnt  new „Bachata” steps, a dance from the Dominican Republic. 
Please enjoy today’s photos!

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