Daily Report 12.11.2018

12th nov. 2018

The Butterflies began the day talking about this week’s new theme: My Family & My Home. We learnt our family members such as mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, cousin, aunt, uncle. The kids talked about their families and their homes. We learnt new words like flat, roof, window, door, the rooms inside the house and also pieces of furniture. Then, the children built their dream house, either it was made of wooden blocks or other construction toys. We matched the pieces of furniture to their belonging rooms. The rest of the day, the little ones played with other entertaining toys.  

Team Baby Bees met and greated their new colleague today, Bogdan. Welcome to our class! We all hope you will have a great time with us! We started the day with Morning Circle, where we sang the „Good morning” song. Then, we talked about the theme of this week „Animal families”. We improved our vocabulary with new words like: mother, father, puppies, kittens etc. In Math class, we sorted different toys by colour and size. We know now very well the difference between „same and different”. The children had fun playing construction games and enjoyed singing.  

The Smarties started the week introducing the sound „p”. We read its story and identified objects containing „p” sound. The children practiced tracing letter „p” on a themed worksheet and coloured a picture with children having a party. We listened to the Jolly Phonics „p” song and then tried to sing it. We counted up to 20 and then backward, using objects in the classroom. The kids enjoyed a free drawing session and had a lot of fun playing construction games. 
At the Acting Club, the children did breathing exercises and learnt how to express their feelings and emotions just by repeating vowels and consonants. They also learnt how to behave on their way to school or kindergarten.
This is how we spent this cloudy Monday! Please enjoy the photos!

Have a lovely week everybody!

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