Daily Report 09.11.2018

9th nov. 2018

Dear parents,
It’s Friday again and Team Baby Bees  opened the door for free play and fun.  We practiced different large movements, such as rolling, crawling, clapping etc. Then, we learnt to use the scissors cutting a piece of paper. Also, we played a special game using a table and a rope. At Math class we counted up to 5 and we rehearsed colours and shapes. We played all day long and of course we went in the courtyard to make the most of this beautiful Friday.  

It was a very busy Friday for Class Butterflies. We started the day talking about X-rays. We found out what an X-ray is and then we created our own hand X-ray using cotton buds, gluestick and scissors. Then, we played „Guess the sense” game, where kids had to recognize the right one, either it was smelling, hearing, tasting, seeing or touching. We made the difference between sweet, salty, sour, bitter and even learnt a new taste: the „umami” one. Regarding the pre-writing area, we focused on tracing on wipe-clean books numbers and letters. At Science, we made-up a little experiment learning about the cells in our bodies and talked about interesting facts about them. Grace to this Friday sunny weather, we could go outside to play and spent the most out of this end of the week!  

The Smarties reinforced all the themed vocabulary words learnt this week: van, train, truck, motorcycle, cruise ship, hot air balloon etc. We recognized each one of them on a themed picture and then used those pictures to cut and paste them in the right column. We learnt a new song, called „We all go travelling by”  and the children enjoyed a lot singing it. The kids played with trains and cars and then anxiously went outside, where they made the most of this sunny Friday. Please enjoy today’s photos! 

May you all have a sunny weekend!

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