Daily Report 08.11.2018

8th nov. 2018

The Butterflies started the day talking about rules of hygiene like brushing our teeth, washing our hands, taking a shower, using soap, water, shampoo etc. We sang the „Coconut Soap” and „Five senses” songs, reminding the body parts and the five senses. Then, we identified what’s good and what’s bad for our teeth. We have also discovered that animals have their special doctors, too: the vets. We read „Vicky, The Vet” story and improved our vocabulary with new words. Because of this special celebrating day, the  kids watched „Mr. Potato Head comes to town”, learning about the importance of sport in our lives. Then, we celebrated our kids carrying the names of the archangels Mihail and Gavriil. Happy Nameday to all the feted ones!  

The Smarties talked about weather outside and reinforced seasons and autumn months. We also repeated the means of transport and the children tried to discover new words containing „i” sound. Thehy drew different means of transport, using templates and then coloured them. The children had fun playing construction games and enjoyed singing.

Today, team Baby Bees continued to talk about the theme of this week. We rehearsed the themed vocabulary words learnt so far. Then, we listened to „The specky, pecky egg” and talked about it. In Math class, the kids practiced tracing number 3 on a themed worksheet. Also, we counted different objects up to 3. We drew freely using coloured pencils, we played with bricks and other toys. We had a quiet and beautiful day.  

Please enjoy today’s photos! 

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