Daily Report 07.11.2018

7th nov. 2018

Today, team Baby Bees said good morning to everybody and then we began to sing the „Hello, Hello! Can you clap your hands?”, „Old McDonald had a farm” and „Ba Ba Black Sheep” songs. Then, we played with some flashcards and we repeated the animals we know. After that, we listened to the „Chicken Licken” story and talked about it. We liked very much playing with bricks, we jumped and danced untill our batteries ran out.  

On this Wednesday, Class Butterflies began with Circle Time. Together, we reminded the five senses, using cards and giving examples for each one of it. We played „Buboo – The Wise Owl” game, a game about the human body. The kids learnt about muscles and bones, the cavities and how organs like the heart, the lungs, the stomach work. We also sang „The Five Senses” song. We reviewed the days of the week, the four seasons, the Autumn months. After Circle Time, the children played Musical Statues, dancing and having fun with their mates. At the Music Class, they sang „The Opposites song”, „The Hot Potato Song”, „Skidamarink” and children’s favourite: „We’re going on a bear hunt”.  

The Smarties reinforced the means of transport and then talked about travelling. They named their favourite means of transport and discussed about cruise ships and the children watched a short video about world’s largest cruise ships. Then, the kids crafted a bicycle using different materials. They did a great job and the bicycles look great! Well done! We counted up to 15 and then backward and the children reinforced shapes. They also enjoyed playing table top games and colouring.
This is how we spent our day! Please enjoy the photos!

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