Daily Report 06.11.2018

6th nov. 2018

The Butterflies started the day with Morning Circle, where we sang The Good Morning Song. We repeated the body parts learnt and improved our vocabulary with some new words. We sang the „Coconut Soap” song and danced on „The Skeleton Dance”. We played the mime game and talked about our muscles and bones. Then, the kids coloured Pinocchio, the split-pin character and some of them cut his body parts. We spent this day indoor, because of the drizzling weather.  

The Smarties listened to the „Pooh and friends- Cloudy Day” story and discussed about the weather outside. We introduced the new theme of the week „Water, Sky, Land Transportation” and learnt the means of transport for each type. The children improved their vocabulary with new themed words and then played a recognition game, where they had to guess different means of transport. Then, we watched a video with 7 fastest trains in the world and the children were fascinated with their speed. They practiced tracing letter „i” and coloured the pictures. In Math class, the kids played with domino and solved simple addition exercises.  The children enjoyed listening to classical music and had fun singing and playing in the classroom.
Today, team Baby Bees continued to talk about the theme of the week. We listened to different animal sounds and we learnt to recognize them. At Math class, we counted up to 5 and we reinforced the colours, using a themed worksheet. We played different indoor games using different toys.  

At the Dance Club, the children rehearsed the „Numa Numa 2” and „Mayores” dances and then participated in a small dance contest.They also continued with learning the moves for „Ego”. 
These are today’s photos! Please enjoy!

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