Daily Report 05.11.2018

5th nov. 2018

The Butterflies started the week greeting our new colleague, Gabriel. At Circle Time, we introduced this week’s theme: My Body. We learnt parts of the body and what are they useful at. We reminded the five senses and gave examples for each one of it. We listened to themed songs and learnt new vocabulary words. At Maths we learnt concepts like more and less throughout a themed worksheet, where the kids had to colour the set which contained more objects. We entered „inside” our brain and saw how it works in our everyday life. Then, the children played freely indoor with more games and toys.

Team Baby Bees started this week full of energy and ready to work. We introduced the theme of the week „Pets” and talked about it. Then, we watched a short movie named ” Peppa Pig and Pets” . We improved our vocabulary with new words like: bird, parrot, cat, dog, puppy, kitten etc. At Math class, we counted up to 10 using a Puzzle Game. Also, we repeated the colours and shapes learnt so far. We danced and played with our favourite toys. We had a busy but beautiful day.  

A new week, a new sound! The Smarties introduced this week’ sound- „i”. We listened to its story and discovered words containing it. The children traced letter „i” on a themed worksheet and coloured the picture with Inky the mouse who spilled the ink. We sang the Jolly Phonics „Sound i” song and listened to other songs. The kids had a lot of fun playing indoor and colouring.  

During Acting and good Manners Club the children learnt about „good manners’ and gave examples. Also, they talked about their „before sleep” routine. After that, they played a game called „Birds’ Nest”, a memory and orientation game.
Please have a look at today’s pictures! 

Have a great week everyone!

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