Daily Report 02.11.2018

2nd nov. 2018

Dear parents, 
For this end of the week, kids from Team After School and Team Baby Bees expressed their desire about getting a little ( more) messy, so we conformed and let their free spirit do the talking: we played with flour, oil, sugar, vanilla, eggs, milk and butter and cooked the best biscuits ever. Also, we played with dolls, trains, cars, duplo blocks and wooden blocks. It was a great day for all of us, full of laughters, joy and good mood.   

The Smarties started the day with the morning routine. We reinforced seasons, autumn months and the days of the week. We watched „Peppa Pig- Pumpkin Party” movie and remembered about our own Halloween party. The children had fun getting wet and playing with foam. After that, we went in the courtyard to make the most of this beautiful Friday!

On this Friday, Class Butterflies spent Circle Time singing and recognizing letters. The kids played spelling games, forming words. Then, we read „The Musicians of Bremen” story, improving our vocabulary with new words. At Maths, we practiced simple additions using coloured coins. Because it’s Friday, the children watched „A Haunted House on Halloween Night” episode from The Mother Goose Club. We went outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather, doing what kids know to do best: playing and having fun together.

This is how we spent this sunny and beautiful Friday! Please enjoy the photos!


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