Daily Report 01.11.2018

1st nov. 2018

Dear parents, Baby Bees spent the day learning about number 2, recognising the number and associating to the sound. We counted 2 different objects inside our classroom. Being such a gloomy day, we read „The Old Steam Train” story and talked […]

Daily Report 31.10.2018

31st oct. 2018

Trick or Treat?   Spidermen, ghosts, witches, monsters, Jack-o-Lantern, vampires, skeletons… They were all among us today at our Halloween spooktacular party! All classes began the day with Music Class, where they sang many new and entertaining songs. Then, we got […]

Daily Report 30.10.2018

30th oct. 2018

Today, team Baby Bees started with Morning Circle where we listened to the „Number 2” story and talked about it. Also, we counted one or two different objects. Now, we know very well the difference between number 1 and number […]

Daily Report 29.10.2018

29th oct. 2018

Boo-hoo-hoo!   Class Butterflies is getting ready for Halloween, starting a new week and beginning with decorating the classroom. At Morning Circle, we sang Halloween songs like „Spooky, Spooky”, „Five Little Pumpkins”, „Trick or Treat” and learnt vocabulary words like pumpkin, […]

Daily Report 26.10.2018

26th oct. 2018

Dear parents,Friday is that day of the week when you just want to have fun and get ready for the weekend. So, Team Baby Bees started the day with joy and happiness. We played in our Home Corner with different […]

Daily Report 25.10.2018

25th oct. 2018

Dear parents,Today, team Baby Bees started the day singing and dancing. Then, we talked about sheep. We found out what food they eat, what sound they make, their house, what they give us etc. Also, using cotton, paper and glue […]

Daily Report 24.10.2018

24th oct. 2018

Today, team Baby Bees started the day with counting and matching games. Also, we did a little experiment with two bowls, one with ice and the other one with warm water. Now, we know very well the difference between hot […]

Daily Report 23.10.2018

23rd oct. 2018

Dear parents,Today, was one of those special days for our kindergarten!  All the children celebrated Edi’s 4th birthday! We received one special visit: Mr. Clown came to entertain the kids and to play with them. They had a great time, […]

Daily Report 22.10.2018

22nd oct. 2018

Team Baby Bees started the day with Morning Circle where we talked about the theme of this week „Farm animals”. We discovered themed word and improved our vocabulary listening to the „Chicken Licken” story. Then, we started to learn a […]

Daily Report 19.10.2018

19th oct. 2018

Friday is all about fun and having a good time. Class Butterflies decided to spent this day singing and reading stories. We read „The Scarecrow’ Secret” story, learnt new vocabulary words and talked about it, answering to the related questions. […]