Daily Report 15.11.2018

15th nov. 2018

Today, the Smarties watched a short documentary and discussed more about the subject of the week. We learnt more about volcanoes and other landforms and then completeed a special worksheet with the right drawing for each given word. The children […]

Daily Report 14.11.2018

14th nov. 2018

Today, Class Butterflies began the day playing with their friends from Smarties. Then, they coloured a themed worksheet with the members of the family. We reinforced home furniture and objects inside the house and talked about different types of houses. […]

Daily Report 13.11.2018

14th nov. 2018

The Butterflies continued to talk about their families and homes. At Circle Time, the little ones described their mother and father, talking about their hobbies, their occupations and also about the activities they are spending together like cooking, riding the […]

Daily Report 12.11.2018

12th nov. 2018

The Butterflies began the day talking about this week’s new theme: My Family & My Home. We learnt our family members such as mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, cousin, aunt, uncle. The kids talked about their families and their […]

Daily Report 09.11.2018

9th nov. 2018

Dear parents,It’s Friday again and Team Baby Bees  opened the door for free play and fun.  We practiced different large movements, such as rolling, crawling, clapping etc. Then, we learnt to use the scissors cutting a piece of paper. Also, […]

Daily Report 08.11.2018

8th nov. 2018

The Butterflies started the day talking about rules of hygiene like brushing our teeth, washing our hands, taking a shower, using soap, water, shampoo etc. We sang the „Coconut Soap” and „Five senses” songs, reminding the body parts and the […]

Daily Report 07.11.2018

7th nov. 2018

Today, team Baby Bees said good morning to everybody and then we began to sing the „Hello, Hello! Can you clap your hands?”, „Old McDonald had a farm” and „Ba Ba Black Sheep” songs. Then, we played with some flashcards […]

Daily Report 06.11.2018

6th nov. 2018

The Butterflies started the day with Morning Circle, where we sang The Good Morning Song. We repeated the body parts learnt and improved our vocabulary with some new words. We sang the „Coconut Soap” song and danced on „The Skeleton […]

Daily Report 05.11.2018

5th nov. 2018

The Butterflies started the week greeting our new colleague, Gabriel. At Circle Time, we introduced this week’s theme: My Body. We learnt parts of the body and what are they useful at. We reminded the five senses and gave examples […]

Daily Report 02.11.2018

2nd nov. 2018

Dear parents, For this end of the week, kids from Team After School and Team Baby Bees expressed their desire about getting a little ( more) messy, so we conformed and let their free spirit do the talking: we played with […]