Daily Report 19.10.2018

19th oct. 2018

Friday is all about fun and having a good time. Class Butterflies decided to spent this day singing and reading stories. We read „The Scarecrow’ Secret” story, learnt new vocabulary words and talked about it, answering to the related questions. […]

Daily Report 18.10.2018

18th oct. 2018

Class Butterflies began the day with Circle Time, where we sang our known songs and learnt the opposites forward/backward as well as slow/fast through the songs. Then, we crafted autumn trees using toilet paper rolls, tinfoil, gluestick, scissors, cardboard and […]

Daily Report 17.10.2018

17th oct. 2018

Team Baby Bees started the day with Morning Circle, where we said „Good Morning” to everybody. Then we began to sing „Autumn leaves are changing colours”, ” Wake up, Wake up” songs. We reinforced the fruit and vegetables learnt so […]

Daily Report 16.10.2018

16th oct. 2018

Dear parents,Autumn is a season of abundance and Class Butterflies discovered some new more autumn goodies today. We began the Morning Circle with reiterating autumn veggies and fruits, what pieces of clothing should we wear on this time of the […]

Daily Report 15.10.2018

15th oct. 2018

The Smarties started the week with a little gym session, to stretch our body and to relax our brain. Then, we continued with introducing the theme of the week „Furniture”. We discovered themed words and improved our vocabulary, reading a […]

Daily Report 12.10.2018

12th oct. 2018

Dear parents,In this lovely Friday, Team Baby Bees started the day with Morning Circle. We sang „Family fingers” song and we talked about colours. At Math class we introduced a new concept „Patterns” with 2 items. Also, we drew freely […]

Daily Report 10.10.2018

10th oct. 2018

Today, Class Butterflies began the day with Circle Time, where we talked about the weather forecast. Together we identified the best clothes for each season, reviewing the pieces of clothing. Then, we discussed about meteorological phenomena like rainbow, tornado, storm, […]

Daily Report 09.10.2018

10th oct. 2018

Dear parents,On this Tuesday, class Butterflies began the day with Circle Time. We discovered romanian traditional autumn activities and autumn signs such as: the fields which are covered with corn, the vineyards burdened with grapes, the wealth of fruits and vegetables […]

Daily Report 08.10.2018

8th oct. 2018

The Smarties started the week with stories from the weekend. Then, we continued discovering new words containing „S” sound, as we will study this letter this week too.  Then, the children practiced tracing it on a themed worksheet and coloured […]

Daily Report 05.10.2018

5th oct. 2018

Dear parents,Today was a special day for us, as we celebrated „World Teachers’ Day”. All the children spent this day together. We started with Music Class, where the kids met Miss Mihaela. They listened to new songs and then tried […]