Daily Report 29.11.2018

29th nov. 2018

Aceasta zi a inceput cu veselie si buna dispozitie pentru copiii prezenti astazi la gradinita. Dupa ce au servit micul dejun, cei mici s-au pregatit pentru a petrece o zi speciala pentru romani. Desi cu doua zile in avans, toti […]

Daily Report 28.11.2018

28th nov. 2018

Today, team Baby Bees started with the Morning Circle, where we watched a short movie named „Winnie the Pooh- Shapes & Sizes” and talked about it. We improved our vocabulary with new words like: triangle, square, rectangle, circle. Then, we […]

Daily Report 27.11.2018

27th nov. 2018

The Butterflies started the day with the usual morning meeting, where we talked about polar animals and their living climate. We spent all day rehearsing for this Christmas’ Show, singing the songs, repeating the playroles and improving our inflexion voice. […]

Daily Report 26.11.2018

26th nov. 2018

The Smarties started this week with the Morning Circle. We reinforced weather signs and seasons. After that, we reviewed all the sounds learnt so far. The children recognized them and named objects beginning with each sound. In Math class, the […]

Daily Report 23.11.2018

23rd nov. 2018

Dear parents, This cloudy Friday wasn’t that gloomy as the weather seems, even if we spent it indoor. We began the day with Morning Circle where we continued to talk about our family. Then, we listened ” Rusty’s Train Ride” […]

Daily Report 22.11.2018

22nd nov. 2018

The Butterflies began the day with Circle Time, where we identified what day is today, what day was yesterday and what day will be tomorrow. This way, we made a review over the days of the week. Then, we talked […]

Daily Report 21.11.2018

21st nov. 2018

The Butterflies spent a cosy Wednesday together. We began the day painting raindrops and grey grumpy clouds. The kids used cotton wool, gluesticks and painting colours. We talked more about the weather and discovered how snow and icicles are formed. […]

Daily Report 20.11.2018

20th nov. 2018

Dear parents,   The Baby Bees spent a lovely day playing and having fun. We started the day with morning routine and then continued with our everyday hardwork. We played a lot, sorting the toys at the same time. We […]

Daily Report 19.11.2018

19th nov. 2018

The Smarties reinforced the seasons, the autumn months and the days of the week. We talked about the weather outside and the kids observed it. We introduced the sound of the week „n”  and read to its story. The children […]

Daily Report 16.11.2018

16th nov. 2018

Dear parents,   Team Baby Bees began the day full of energy and laughters. As Math lovers, we spent this Friday playing math games, matching the quantity with the numbers. We reiterated all the animals learnt and continued to improve […]