Daily Report 23.04.2018

23rd Apr 2018

Dear parents, The Butterflies started this new week with Morning Circle, where we sang the „Hi there” song and said „Good Morning” to everybody. We talked about how we spent our weekend and introduced this week’s theme, titled „Water & […]

Daily Report 20.04.2018

20th Apr 2018

Dear parents, On this sunny day, The Caterpillars continued to talk about houses and introduced two more types of houses: tents and tree houses. We made our own tent, using chairs and blankets. We played a lot and we enjoyed […]

Daily Report 19.04.2018

19th Apr 2018

Dear parents, Today, all the kids celebrated Philip’s birthday, having a special guest: DODO- The Magician, who came with new tricks and jokes. The children had lots of fun trying to reveal his tricks and laughing along with him. After […]

Daily Report 18.04.2018

18th Apr 2018

Dear parents, The Butterflies spent the day reiterating the new vocabulary words related to the theme using flashcards: car, bus, truck, train, ambulance, police car, tractor, firetruck, bicycle, subway, tramway, motorcycle. We played „Hide & Seek” Game, using flashcards. Next, […]

Daily Report 17.04.2018

17th Apr 2018

Dear parents, Today, we went on our first trip of many more to come. Since morning, the Butterflies and the Smarties were excited to start this new adventure. They enjoyed the bus ride and had fun on the road, exploring […]

Daily Report 16.04.2018

16th Apr 2018

Dear parents, Today, as usual, the Caterpillars started the day by saluting each other, repeating the addressing formulas. The theme of this week is ” Different/ Special houses”, so we discussed about different types of houses, especially about igloos. In […]

Daily Report 13.04.2018

13th Apr 2018

Dear parents, Team Caterpillars started the day with Circle Time where we continued to talk about senses. We talked about sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell using a theme worksheet. After that, we crafted houses, using coloured paper. We listened […]

Daily Report 12.04.2018

12th Apr 2018

Dear parents, The Butterflies reinforced letters S, A and T, listening to their specific songs and tracing letter T on a themed worksheet. We reviewed the sounds, the uppercase and the lowercase of the letters mentioned. Then, we solved puzzles […]

Daily Report 11.04.2018

11th Apr 2018

Dear parents, On this beautiful day of spring, the Butterflies began the day with Morning Circle. We sang the „Hello, Hello, Can you clap your hands?”, „If you’re happy” and „Let’s go to the Zoo” songs. We recognized the uppercase […]

Daily Report 10.04.2018

11th Apr 2018

Dear parents, We are back on track again! Welcome back, everybody! We hope that you all spent an enjoyable holiday beside your loved ones! The Smarties and the Butterflies spent this Tuesday together. We gathered our forces at Circle Time, […]