Daily Report 20.10.2017

20th Oct 2017

Dear parents, Today, the Smarties watched the „Where’s Spot?” and „There’s an alligator under my bed” movies and talked about them. We reinforced all the vocabulary words of the week and then practiced writing letter „t” on the whiteboard. In […]

Daily Report 19.10.2017

20th Oct 2017

Dear parents, The Butterflies had a relaxing day today. We started by singing „One Little Finger” and „Autumn Leaves are changing colours” songs. Then, we read the story of „King Number One”. We finished the worksheets started yesterday with themed […]

Daily Report 18.10.2017

20th Oct 2017

Dear parents, Today, all the children enjoyed the „Cinderella” play. The theater show brought us the story of Cinderella and her sisters and the kids liked it very much. The Butterflies continued their activity by reading autumn poems and colouring […]

Daily Report 17.10.2017

17th Oct 2017

Dear parents, The Caterpillars and the Butterflies enjoyed this sunny day together! We started the day with the Morning Circle, where we greeted each other with „Hello, How are you?”. Then, we listened to a new song called „Five Little […]

Daily Report 16.10.2017

16th Oct 2017

Dear parents, It’s Monday again so Butterflies talked about the beautiful autumn and the changes brought by it. We found out that in the fall time the days are shorter and the nights are longer, the bears hibernate and the […]

Daily Report 13.10.2017

13th Oct 2017

Dear parents, Today, the Smarties listened to the ” Peppa Pig tree house” story and reinforced all the themed vocabulary words of the week. The children solved a worksheet where they had to draw a line from astronauts to the […]

Daily Report 12.10.2017

12th Oct 2017

Dear parents, Today was a very busy day for all the children! We celebrated Andrei’s birthday and we ate a delicious cake, decorated with funny little pigs. We all wished to him Happy Birthday and enjoyed the party. We wish […]

Daily Report 11.10.2017

11th Oct 2017

Dear parents, The Caterpillars and the Butterflies did Circle Time together. We listened to the story of Topsy and Tim, called „Red Boots, Yellow Boots”. We learnt new terms like foggy, thunder, lightning, ice, rainbow and learnt what wet and […]

Daily Report 10.10.2017

10th Oct 2017

Dear parents, The Butterflies were metereologists today and predicted the forecast. We continued with the theme of the week: the weather. We estimated the temperature from outside and from inside using the thermometer. We found out that meteorologists are those […]

Daily Report 09.10.2017

9th Oct 2017

Dear parents, A new week, a new beginning! This week, we’ll be learning about the weather and autumn, in particular. Today, we talked about different types of weather like rainy, sunny, windy, cloudy, stormy, snowy and what clothes should we […]