Daily Report 19.02.2018

19th Feb 2018

Dear parents, Today, the Smarties reinforced seasons, days of the week and weather. We introduced „G”, the new sound of the week. We read to its story and then discovered words containing it. The children practiced tracing and writing letter […]

Daily Report 16.02.2018

16th Feb 2018

Dear parents, Today, we received two special guests: „Stropulet” and „Cosmo”, who delighted our Friday with an interactive theater play. Cosmo learnt from Stropulet the good manners and the magic words, such as: „Please!”, „Thank you!”, „Sorry”, „Good morning”, „Good […]

Daily Report 15.02.2018

15th Feb 2018

Dear parents, Today, the Caterpillars started the day by singing the „Can you clap your hands” song. We practiced different large movements such as rolling, crawling, walking like a dwarf, jumping, hoping etc. We continued to talk about hearing and […]

Daily Report 14.02.2018

14th Feb 2018

Dear parents, The Butterflies celebrated Valentine’s Day with hardwork (so we believe they deserve a little something). We started the day with Morning Circle, where we sang the „If you love me and you know it” song. We improved our […]

Daily Report 13.02.2018

13th Feb 2018

Dear parents, The Caterpillars started the day with the daily routine and enjoyed a lot the Circle time, singing the „Time to put the toys away” song. We continued to talk about the theme of the week: „Hearing”. We reinforced […]

Daily Report 12.02.2018

12th Feb 2018

Dear parents, The Butterflies and Smarties spent a lovely day together. We started the day singing the „Good morning” song. We reinforced the days of the week by singing the „7 days are in a week” song and then talked […]

Daily Report 09.02.2018

9th Feb 2018

Dear parents, The Smarties reinforced all the vocabulary words learnt this week and talked about all the ancient civilizations. We also discovered the seven wonders of the world and discussed about them. The children were fascinated about the stories of […]

Daily Report 08.02.2018

8th Feb 2018

Dear parents, Regarding the Butterflies, they began this day with Morning Circle where we talked about the paleontology science and also about paleontologists. We improved our vocabulary with themed words like: claws, bones, eggs, skulls, footprints, skeletons, massive, huge, scales […]

Daily Report 07.02.2018

7th Feb 2018

Dear parents, Today, the Caterpillars talked about rules and class routines. We enjoyed the Circle time, saying hello to everybody and getting into daily routine. We sang the „Twist for Kids” song and then danced on the tune. We continued […]

Daily Report 06.02.2018

6th Feb 2018

Dear parents, The Butterflies had a beautiful day today. We started our day with dinosaur themed worksheets, where the kids had to find differences between two similar images. They did great! At the Math Class, we practiced addition, counting dinosaurs […]