Daily Report 20.08.2018

21st Aug 2018

Dear parents, On this promising Monday, we gathered together right in the morning at Circle Time, where we introduced this week’s theme: safety rules. We talked about safety rules which are mandatory for us on the street, in the kindergarten, […]

Daily Report 17.08.2018

17th Aug 2018

Dear parents, We started this end of the week with a refreshing gym session. We stretched, jumped and did some very interesting exercises. The children had fun and didn’t complained a second. Then, we coloured different summer landscapes or water […]

Daily Report 16.08.2018

16th Aug 2018

Dear parents, What’s more refreshing than a lemonade during Summertime? On this hot day, we thought that a lemonade party is more than appropriate, so the kids were more than happy to wash the lemons, cut them in half and […]

Daily Report 14.08.2018

14th Aug 2018

Dear parents, We tried to make the most out of this Summer day, that’s why today we filled balloons with water and splashed them! Laughter, gigglings and joy surrounded us because the kids truly love water and enjoy playing with […]

Daily Report 13.08.2018

13th Aug 2018

Dear parents, This Monday started with some competition games like „Guess the song”, „Hit the box”, „Musical Chairs”, „Musical Statues” and we even played „The Limbo” dance. The kids worked in teams and followed the leader’s instructions. Then, we went […]

Daily Report 10.08.2018

10th Aug 2018

Dear parents, What an awesome Friday we had! We can all frankly say that today’s trip was one of the best. Right in the morning, after having breakfast, we set off to Herastrau Park and landed on „The Kids’ Island”, […]

Daily Report 09.08.2018

9th Aug 2018

Dear parents, Today, the children spent another lovely day outside. We started the day with a gym session and then continued to talk about the evolution of theatre. We also got into the role and met Pinocchio, the puppet. We […]

Daily Report 08.08.2018

8th Aug 2018

Dear parents, Today, all the children played freely in the courtyard and enjoyed the free time. We jumped in the trampoline, played at the sand pit or had fun fishing toys from the swimming pool. We also brought to life […]

Daily Report 07.08.2018

7th Aug 2018

Dear parents, Today, the children participated at a theatre show with dolls. They met Winnie’s friends and interacted with them. We found out more about this work and how it’s done and the kids talked about their own experiences when […]

Daily Report 06.08.2018

6th Aug 2018

Dear parents, This Monday, besides being playful, our kids were really hard-working. They washed all the toys and cleaned the little houses from the courtyard, and were keen on giving a helping hand. We spent the whole day outside, playing […]