Daily Report 21.08.2017

21st Aug 2017

Dear parents, Today, we took our plane straight to North America. First, we identified the continent on the map and then learnt its countries. We discussed a little about Canada and Alaska and the children watched a short documetary about […]

Daily Report 18.08.2017

18th Aug 2017

Dear parents, Today we learned more about China at Circle time.We watched two short movies with chinese traditions and The Great Wall of China .We tried to built the Great Wall with blocks when we went outside. Later we complete […]

Daily Report 17.08.2017

17th Aug 2017

Dear parents, Today, the children sang the „Good morning” song and reinforced the weather items and the days of the week. We practiced counting up to 10, while playing a counting game. After that, we talked about chinese people and […]

Daily Report 16.08.2017

16th Aug 2017

Dear parents, Today, the children entered the world of Ancient China. We discussed about this great country and then listened to „The real story of Mulan”, a little chinese girl who saved her father, by entering the military by herself. […]

Daily Report 9.08.2017

9th Aug 2017

Dear parents. At Circle time we talked abot one of the traditional piece of clothing that women from Indian wear : the sari , We watched a short movie that explined us how a 6 m long drape is tied […]

Daily Report 8.08.2017

8th Aug 2017

Dear parents, At Circle time we reinforced the summer season and the days of the week.Then we watched a short movie about India’s traditions .After we crafted a Rangoli using coloured sand.Before lunch we read The Sage AndTthe Mouse Story […]

Daily Report 7.08.2017

7th Aug 2017

Dear parents, This week we are going to Asia.The first country is India .We learned about the people and their culture about Taj Mahal and the sacred animals.Then we shaved coloured chalk into powder to mix it with sand. Also […]

Daily Report 4.08.2017

4th Aug 2017

Dear parents, Early in the morning the children built pyramids , temples for the Ancient Egypt Gods and other buildings we learned about. We used blocks and lego and a small plastic toy as the Pharaoh.Then we complete a themed […]

Daily Report 3.08.2017

4th Aug 2017

At Circle time the cildren reinforced the items learned about Ancient Egypt.We learned more interesting facts about the pharaons .Then we coloured King Tut worksheet .Before the lunch we had lots of fun playing and running outside.Good day we had […]

Daily Report 1.08.2017

1st Aug 2017

At Circle time we talked about ancient Egypt and we crafted pyramids.We coloured them and cut on the lines,then we glued the sides.Also we learned about hyerogliphes and we wrote our names .Before lunch we played in our courtyard.Good day […]