Daily Report 28.06.2017

28th Iun 2017

Dear parents, Today we went on a trip to „Gradina Botanica”. The moment we entered the garden, we were captivated by the beauty and the multitude of flowers and trees. We immediately started to walk around, curious to discover new […]

Daily Report 27.06.2017

27th Iun 2017

Dear parents, At Circle time, the Butterflies and the Caterpillars talked about domestic animals. We learned that they give us milk, eggs or meat. Then, we read „The Farm” book. With the bear puzzle, we made our family: mother, father, […]

Daily Report 26.06.2017

26th Iun 2017

Dear parents, Today, the Butterflies and the Caterpillars spent the day together. We painted using sponges and red and purple paint. These paintings will be pretty flowers for a themed display in the classroom. Then, we made lots of cookies […]

Daily Report 23.06.2017

23rd Iun 2017

Dear parents, Today, the Smarties reinforced the seasons, the summer months and the days of the week. We talked about weather in summer and what are we expecting of this summer holiday. We also discussed about favourite summer activities and […]

Daily Report 22.06.2017

22nd Iun 2017

Dear parents, Today, all the children spent the day in the courtyard. We began our day singing „Row row row your boat” and „What’s the weather” songs. We counted forwards, up to 20 and then backwards. The children named the […]

Daily Report 21.06.2017

21st Iun 2017

Dear parents, Today, all the chidren spent the day together outside. At Circle time, we sang „The Good morning” song and then talked about the way we feel: happy, hungry, sleepy or even sad.Then, we had fun singing „If You’re […]

Daily Report 20.06.2017

20th Iun 2017

Dear parents, The Smarties and the Butterflies spent the day together. First thing in the morning we did some gym exercises, to make sure we are all awake. Then, at Circle time, we discussed about seasons and reinforced the months […]

Daily Report 19.06.2017

19th Iun 2017

Dear parents, Today, the Caterpillars learned new themed words, about air means of transportation. We made a paper airplane and played with it in the classroom. Then, we went outside and enjoyed the sunny weather. The Smarties started the day […]

Rolul jucariilor in dezvoltarea celui mic

16th Iun 2017

Rolul jucariilor in dezvoltarea celui mic Inca din primele saptamani de viata, bebelusii au nevoie de elemente care sa le stimuleze atentia. Pentru copiii pana in 6 luni se recomanda jucariile sonore, iar dupa aceasta varsta se pune accentul pe […]

Daily Report 15.06.2017

15th Iun 2017

Dear parents, As you all know, the Summer Show is tomorrow and we all want this to be perfect. That’s why we spent the whole day outside, singing, dancing and telling poems. The children rehearsed and then encouraged their other […]